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Medical Emergencies

If you are experiencing a MEDICAL emergency,
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Dental Emergencies

If you are experiencing a DENTAL emergency during regular business hours:
call (302) 352-2321

When you suffer a sudden dental problem, you must be certain about where to find the emergency relief you need. To avoid fear and frustration when a dental emergency strikes and prevent the problem from getting worse, you need to know who to call for emergency treatment. Fortunately, it’s easy to find emergency dental care as long as you know where to look. To help find emergency care for your dental problems, we have featured the questions most frequently asked by patients and provided the answers.

How Can I Locate Emergency Dentists in New Castle?

One of the most common questions that patients ask is, “Where should I look to find an emergency dental office near me?” Luckily, you don’t need to look far to find outstanding emergency care because it’s waiting for you at our emergency dental office. Our emergency dentists have the knowledge, skills, and experience to treat mild to moderate dental problems during regular business hours to relieve you dental discomfort.

What Treatments Are Considered Emergency Dental Services?

Basically, emergency services include any dental problems that require urgent dental care to treat and relieve. These problems can range from dental pain to tooth damage to tongue swelling, which are likely to get much worse without immediate treatment. But be assured that our emergency dentists in New Castle can provide the prompt treatment needed during our normal office hours. If you have an after-hours dental emergency that involves intense pain, bleeding, swelling, we recommend calling 911 or going to a hospital near you right away for treatment. All of the dental problems listed below demand emergency dental care:

  • Tooth pain due to injury or decay
  • Tooth abscess
  • Tongue swelling
  • Dental infections
  • Tooth cracks, chips, and fractures
  • Missing or damaged dental crowns or fillings
  • Orthodontic pain caused by damaged brackets or loose wires

When Should You Seek Out Emergency Dental Services?

How do I know if my emergency requires finding emergency dental care near me?

You need to seek emergency care if you experience any of the dental conditions listed below. But please be aware that our office only provides emergency dental care during our regular business hours. If you suffer from one of the following conditions at night or over a weekend, please call 911 or head to the nearest hospitals. The emergency cases that demand care include:  

Major Tooth Pain

Dental pain can be a sign of a serious problem and must never be overlooked. If you experience major tooth pain, contact our office right away so one of our emergency dentists can resolve the problem and ease the pain.

Severely Sensitive Teeth

Tooth sensitivity is rather commonplace, but severely sensitive teeth can be a sign of an infection or fracture that demands urgent dental care.

Painful Cavities

When tooth decay builds up, it causes very painful cavities. Call our dental office so one of our emergency dentists can treat the decayed tooth and soothe your dental pain.

Missing or Loosened Fillings

Daily wear and tear can lead to missing or loosened fillings. If you don’t have the fillings replaced or repaired as soon as possible, the underlying tooth will be at risk for structural damage.

Damaged or Lost Dental Crowns and Restorations

If you think that damaged or lost dental crowns and restorations are merely cosmetic concerns, think again. This can actually leave your teeth more susceptible to major dental damage, so you must have emergency tooth repair to keep your smile protected.

A Fractured Tooth or Teeth

If you notice you have a fractured tooth or teeth, you need to seek immediate dental care to prevent an infection or a dental damage. Try to cover any sharp edges of the tooth or teeth with dental wax and then call our office so our emergency dentists are able to treat you as quickly as possible.

A Dental Abscess

An infection deep inside a tooth is known as a dental abscess. It can be extremely painful and cause severe sensitivity, swollen glands, and open mouth sores. If this happens to you, you must have the abscess treated immediately because it can lead to much greater pain and problems.

A Knocked-Out Tooth or Teeth

if you suddenly experience a knocked-out tooth or teeth, be assured that the tooth has a chance of being re-implanted if you see a dentist right away. If possible, collect any fragments of the tooth, rinse it with cool water, try to place it back in its socket, and then call our emergency dental office for additional help.

Eroded Tooth Enamel from Teeth Grinding

If you grind your teeth uncontrollably, you may be suffering from a condition known as bruxism. If you notice you have eroded tooth enamel from teeth grinding, this demands that an emergency dentist repairs the worn enamel and provides you with a night guard for protection as soon as possible.  

Orthodontic Discomfort or Injury

If you have any orthodontic discomfort or injury from sharp wires or a recent adjustment, you need to see a dentist immediately to fix your braces and provide you with relief.

Persistent Sinus Pressure

Did you know that persistent sinus pressure and dental pain often go hand-in-hand? If you experience both symptoms, we recommend seeing a dentist to make sure you don’t have a deep infection or an impacted wisdom tooth.

What Should You Do About More Severe Dental Concerns?

If I think my emergency is serious, is it better to call 911 or find an emergency dental office near me?

It’s important to realize that the kind of emergency care you need really depends on the dental problem and when it occurs. If you suffer a mild to moderate emergency during regular business hours, please call our dental practice. But if your emergency is more serious or happens overnight or during a weekend, we recommend going to your local hospital instead to receive the specialized care you need right away. Some examples of more serious emergencies are:

  • Uncontrollable oral bleeding
  • Extreme swelling of the face or gums
  • A sudden injury to your teeth, face, jaw, or head

Will It Cost a Lot to Get Emergency Dental Care Near Me?

The price of emergency treatment is based on the types of procedures you need for relief. If you are concerned about the cost, be aware that our emergency dentists in New Castle take most dental insurance plans, accept most major credit cards, and offer financing programs to help make payment more manageable.

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Such a cheerful wonderful group! I’m so happy I found them!
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I cannot say enough about the Dr.’s and staff. Routine or emergency, they just know how to melt your anxiety while getting the job done! #TeamFriedberg
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