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The thought of getting a tooth pulled can put many people off from visiting the dentist. While being nervous about this routine procedure is entirely normal, it is important to understand that our dentists will only pull a tooth if it is absolutely necessary. Additionally, the procedure used for tooth removal is both fast and relatively painless.

How Much Will My Total Tooth Extraction Cost Be?

The cost of having a tooth pulled depends on whether you need to see an oral surgeon to perform the extraction. It also depends on the amount of difficulty that the dentist will experience removing the tooth. We would be happy to provide you with a quote of what your procedure will cost after our dentist has performed a thorough examination of your tooth or teeth. Contact your dental insurance provider to learn about what kind of coverage they offer for dental extractions.

What Can You Tell Me About Tooth Extraction Surgery?

If your tooth is trapped under the gum line, you will most likely be referred to an oral surgeon in order to have an oral surgery extraction performed. A tooth that is able to be grabbed and pulled by a pair of forceps can usually be removed by your regular dentist.

When Is Having a Tooth Extracted the Only Option?

Saving teeth is our ultimate goal. However, if your tooth is severely decayed or injured, it may be unable to be repaired. Another instance where teeth extractions are necessary is if you are in the advanced stages of gum disease.

Will a Dentist Pull Broken, Cracked or Decayed Teeth?

If damage has reached the center of a broken, cracked, or decayed tooth, our dentist will see if it is possible to do a root canal in order to save the tooth. If the damage is too extensive, he or she will recommend that the tooth be pulled. You will find that once the tooth is pulled, your pain will be completely gone. Afterwards, your dentist will discuss tooth replacement options with you, so that your remaining teeth will not shift out of place.

When Is it Necessary to Extract Baby Teeth?

Children who have severe cavities that are too large to be filled may need to have a tooth extraction performed in order to remove the decayed tooth. Other reasons why a dentist may feel it necessary to perform an extraction on a baby tooth include if the tooth is blocking an adult tooth or if the tooth is badly infected. To schedule an appointment for your child, contact our office.

Is a Tooth Extraction Necessary When I Have Advanced Stage Gum Disease?

The advanced stages of gum disease can be painful. This is because the disease attacks and breaks down the ligaments that keep your teeth in place. If you are experiencing these symptoms, speak to one of our dentists. He or she may recommend a dental extraction in order to alleviate your pain.

Why Is it Necessary to Pull Wisdom Teeth?

Most people begin to have their wisdom teeth grow in sometime in their teens or early twenties. The problem is that many people do not have enough space in their jawbones to support an additional set of molars. This lack of space can lead to issues like infection, damaged jawbones and crooked teeth. To prevent significant damage from occurring in your mouth and jaw, your wisdom teeth will most likely need to be removed. Wisdom teeth that have already fully grown in can usually be taken out by your dentist. Wisdom teeth that remain underneath the gums will require oral surgery.

How Does Pulling Crowded Teeth Help My Oral Health?

Crooked teeth are more difficult to take care of. This common oral health issue is typically due to the fact that some people don’t have enough room in their mouths to accommodate all of their adult teeth. When this happens, most dentists and orthodontists recommend that a patient receive braces. It is common for one or more teeth to be extracted so that there is enough room in the mouth for the braces to work properly.

Will I Be Provided with Aftercare Instructions?

After your dental extraction, you will be given a set of instructions that you must follow in order to facilitate proper tooth extraction healing. Following these instructions will ensure that a blood clot forms over the site where your tooth was removed. Your dentist will also offer you instructions on what to do for any pain, discomfort or swelling that you may experience.

How Long Does It Take to Fully Recover from an Extraction?

You can expect to be able to perform moderate activities within 24 hours of having your tooth pulled. Check with your dentist to find out when it will be okay for you to perform more strenuous activities. If you have had a simple extraction, the healing process should be completed within one week. An extraction for a molar or a surgical extraction can take a little longer to heal.

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